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2019 Interior Design Trends - What's Sticking Around

Whether you’re in the midst of a home renovation or you simply love refreshing your interior, keeping up on the latest interior design trends is fundamental. Luckily, Much Needed has analyzed leading design resources to come up with the top design and decor trends of 2019.

By looking at publications like HGTV, The Spruce, ELLE Decor, Houzz and much more, they were able to extract the most common trends in design. From what’s hot in kitchens and bathrooms to the rise in plants and natural materials, their infographic is a must-read for anyone who is interested in interior design.

We’ve extracted some of the main sections and have given our suggestions for how to incorporate these trends into your home.

Curious about what’s hot in home decor and interior design? Check out the latest trends and get inspired.


People are getting adventurous in their kitchen, forgoing traditional white for black when it comes to cabinets and accents. Patterened backsplashes are also in fashion and when thinking of bathrooms, people are using large soaking tubs as a centerpiece.


People are looking to express their individuality by moving away from mass-produced items and seeking out handmade furniture and decor. Textile art and macrame are both seeing a strong resurgence as a unique way to bring some color to your walls.


The use of natural materials in interior design is on the rise, with more people than ever searching Pinterest for gardening. People are looking for ways to incorporate air purifying plants, introduce tropical plants into their home, and create vertical gardens to maximize indoor greenery.

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