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Designer Farmhouse

Two-Tone Traditional Style

Two-Tone Traditional Style

This traditional kitchen draws inspiration from colonial-era farmhouse designs. The style is a comfortable blend of beauty and functionality.


Perimeter cabinetry in a classic, simple style with warm maple finish is the foundational base for this elegantly simple color palette. Client requetsed a mix of finishes to accentuate the diverse features in the cabinet conifguration. An espresso finish was selected for the range bay, to match the nearby stair rail and balusters.


The custom center table was designed in place of a standard island, to marry all color concepts together, and provide ample seating with additionnal work surface area - maintaining a clean and open feel with the open base. 


One of the most charming aspects of this space is the adjoining seating area, surrounded by bay windows and a beautiful pitched celing showcasing deep maple finished beadboard and a designer celing fan. 

Final touches bring the whole space together with elegantly tiled backsplashes and complimentary toned tile floors. 

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